• 24/7/365 call handling services
  • Medical Information Specialists with extensive experience of handling enquiries across various therapeutic areas.
  • Specialized services in Medical Information- responding to queries, intake and follow-up of Adverse events and Product Complaints.
  • Specialized staff that understands the medical information needs of healthcare professionals and consumers and can provide extended support
  • Medical Writing support for medical information including preparation of FAQs, Standard Response Letters, content development for Product specific websites, product brochures, fact sheets and other documents from publications, Clinical Study Reports, in-house data and literature search
  • Highly trained Professionals- medics and pharmacists committed to provide accurate, robust and balanced clinical and scientific information to healthcare professionals and consumers
  • Highly trained medics to assign follow-up questions for adverse events, designing of questionnaires for follow-up
  • Flexibility to provide need-based solutions